Hitting Systems and
Player Development Innovations

The X Factor Hitting System is comprised of our Swing Time Calculator, that offers two proprietary metrics and the X Factor Swing Alert™ System, which together create the first ever swing timing technology that captures live pitched balls and provides timing solutions never before available.

For the X Factor Hitting System
‘Batting Facility’ model features:

For the X Factor Hitting System
‘Professional Baseball’ model features:

Can you sequence pitches, change location, velocity and pitch type with the X Factor Hitting System? Yes!

Comparing the X Factor Swing Time Calculator’s exclusive metrics to the Blast Motion and
Diamond Kinetics devices

Think of the X Factor Swing Alert™ Hitting System as
a GPS guidance system for bat swing timing.

We’ve all used a guidance system in our cars to direct us to a destination. If you
to repeat the route using the assistance of GPS guidance, eventually, you
would remember on your own how to get to your destination.
The X Factor Hitting
System isn’t there to train you to rely on a signal. It provides a timing signal so
you can practice first, with precision, then, without a signal, once your depth and
timing memory has been encoded. This method accelerates the memory
process, streamlining the learning curve without the swings and misses.

Imagine being able to practice hitting pitches of almost any speed with perfect timing.

The difference between a good hitter and a great hitter is timing, knowing when to swing at a pitched ball. Great hitters simply guess when to swing correctly more often than everyone else. The X Factor Swing Alert™ Hitting System replaces guessing when to swing, with a precisely timed signal, integrating a hitter’s launch quickness, or swing time, with a pitched ball’s metrics, enabling a hitter of any age or level of play to practice hitting with near perfect timing.

Do you want your exit velocity or launch angle data to translate to games?

Exit velocity and launch angle only really matter when they occur in games.  Practice results don’t always carry over to games.  It isn’t the swing that is to blame, more often than not, it’s timing. Ground balls are usually the result of poorly timed swings, not attack angles. A swing that produces line drives in practice can still result in a ground ball or pop up if the hitter’s timing isn’t right.

What’s the solution?

The X Factor Hitting system is the first product ever conceived that solves swing timing accuracy, fast-tracking hitter development.  Our unique system accelerates timing skills and develops timing memory faster and easier, without all the guess work or “swing sooner”, “swing later” verbal cues.