Pitch Speed Over Distance Calculator

This is one of many calculators I created and use regularly. This calculator determines pitch speed and time to any chosen collision point between a bat and ball. By entering the pitch distance (pitch release point to bat/ball collision point) and then a desired pitch speed, the pitch’s speed is automatically averaged over the distance. The calculator reduces and averages the pitch speed by factoring speed degradation over distance. Both average pitch speed and the time the pitch takes to travel that distance are displayed. 

This calculator performs the same task the X Factor Swing AlertTM System performs when capturing a live pitch. It converts captured pitch speed, like a radar gun, then shows its average speed. 

Pitches captured by radar show its speed in the first 2 feet after release. This captured speed is not the speed of the ball when it arrives at the plate or its average speed over distance.

The video below gives examples of how the X Factor Hitting System uses time, speed and distance to create mathematically precise timing cues for hitters by issuing a Swing AlertTM, signaling the hitter to swing at a pitch of any speed.