Swing Alert™ System

“Think of the X Factor Swing Alert™ Hitting System as a GPS guidance system for bat
swing timing.
We’ve all used a guidance system in our cars to direct us to a destination.
If you were to repeat the route using the assistance of GPS guidance, eventually,
you would remember on your own how to get to your destination.”

Our patent pending hitting system, like GPS guidance, issues a mathematically derived signal, based on stored hitter swing time and captured pitch velocity, called a Swing Alert™, eliminating the need to “guess” when to swing at a pitch. The X Factor Hitting System isn’t there to train you to rely on a signal like Pavlov’s dog, but rather, it enables the successful execution of bat/ball collision with pitches in any chosen location or pitch type. In doing so, we can supercharge the hitter’s ability to encode event depth memory, without the trial and error learning process hitters normally rely on. Whether training to pull pitches, hit to the opposite field, or training Ev (effective velocity), player performance can be fast-tracked. Protocols have been developed to train with the Swing Alert™ being sent over a succession of pitches, then removed, with the player’s results tracked, monitored and compared for all practiced velocities, pitch types and locations.