Products and System

When we first created the X Factor Hitting System, our objective was to further develop the swing alert system, both in streamlining the system to an app form, and to enhance our swing alert system with Major League Baseball exclusive features.

We have sought licensing and partnership opportunities, but as as of this time, we remain sole owner and distributors of the X Factor Hitting System . Being a small startup, retail distribution is beyond our present capacity.

However, we have decided to open a hitting facility here in North San Diego County, utilizing the X Factor Hitting System to augment hitter training and to further prove the system’s already tested concepts. We will database all of the metrics and results, producing 

comprehensive spread sheets detailing hitter progress and system benefits.

Through exclusivity, X Factor Technology, LLC believes we can add value to our IP that is presently not realized, and for this reason, we have chosen to maintain 100% control over our products.

Our thorough market research provides us insights for future revenue gains with a retail release of our products that surpass the potential market saturation earnings of any baseball/softball batting tech product available. It is through our 20+ years of hands on experience in the fields of baseball and softball that enable us to create systems with potentials no other system can offer.

X Factor Technology Hitting Systems will be beta testing fall 2019 to establish training protocols and perform data collection. Work on a retail version continues while we test our exclusive professional system, privately.