Swing Time Calculator and Swing Alert™ System

“Can you name an analytic breakthrough that helps the hitter?”

Launch angle and exit velocity are just stats that described outcomes, and those numbers didn’t necessarily help the hitter get better. “Hit the ball hard and high” is not exactly a huge revelation.

~ Jed Lowrie, Oakland Athletics

At X Factor Technology, we can name two.

Swing Delay™ and Swing Alert™

Unlike competitors’ devices that only begin their capture upon the abrupt forward motion of a bat, The X Factor Swing Time calculator quantifies the entire swing event, from the moment the hitter decides to swing, to the moment of impact. Because our Swing Time Calculator captures a batter’s entire swing time, two, unique metrics, helpful to any batter, are quantified and displayed for analysis.

The first metric is the hitter’s Swing Delay™, which is comprised of the batter’s reaction time and any mechanical delay, such as a leak, drop or hitch that doesn’t breach the motion threshold of our competitors’ devices. The X Factor Swing Time Calculator then separates swing time and Swing Delay™ into two metrics. The second metric is the calculated distance the batter must begin swinging at a pitch of any imagined speed, in order for their bat to collide with the ball, called their Swing Alert™ time. Swing Alert™ is shown in feet and milliseconds, enabling the coach or batter to determine whether or not the hitter’s swing can catch up to a compared pitch, and if so, at what distance.